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I am an multidisciplinary artist based in London, dedicated to storytelling and humanity, creating at the intersection of physical and digital art. My practice spans from painting and illustration to mixed media, visual computing, photography and music. With an academic background in computer science and psychology, I value both intellectual rigour and creative freedom.


My paintings stand at the crossroads of reality and abstraction, portraying both physical spaces and emotional journeys. They unveil  hidden gems and moments of serendipity in the seemingly plain everyday life.


My mixed media practice explores culture and identity by fusing classical Chinese philosophy, literature and calligraphy with contemporary art, creating a dynamic dialogue across time and cultures.


In the digital realm, I exhibit installations accompanied by original music, and have recently delved into creative computing and impressionist photography, extending the trajectory of my studies and research. My new media work navigates  between geometric abstractions and real-life concepts to explore the human element in the ever-evolving age of machines.

When not making art, I work in quantitative finance and serve two artist communities: ArtCan and Assemblage Collective.

Selected Exhibitions

Exhibition & Panel Discussion, Digital Art Week, Shoreditch Arts Club, London, UK (04/2024)

Night at the Museum (Featured NFT Launch & Artist Interview), Stargaze.Zone (04/2024)

China: A Consolidated History, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK (02/2024)

Assemblage, London Irish Centre, London, UK (02/2024)

Unbound Perspectives, Candler Creative & Metre Squared, London, UK (02/2024)

Hi, Hey! Hello., Fresh Salad Art | Dog and Bone Gallery, Brighton, UK (11/2023)

St Peter's Open, St Peter’s Church De Beauvoir, London, UK (10/2023)

KHARITES, The Piece Palette | Millbank Tower Podium, London, UK (08/2023)

All for One and One for All, October Gallery, London, UK (07/2023)

Amplify, ArtCan | New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington, New Zealand (06/2023)

Escape In/Out with artist talk, Follow.Art, Online (04/2023 - 06/2023)

Night Skies and Astro Imaging, LoosenArt, Rome, Italy (04/2023 - 05/2023)

Play & Compassion, Kingshill House Creative Centre, Dursley, UK (03/2023 - 06/2023)

Through Her Eyes, Lyric Theatre Hammersmith, London, UK (03/2023)

100x100, BobCat Gallery, Online (03/2023)

Gratitude, Canco Park, Jersey City, NJ, USA (01/2023 - 02/2023)

Annual Mini Art Exhibition, Ghost Gallery, Seattle, WA, USA (12/2022 - 02/2023)

Platinum Jubilee Exhibition, Kensington Town Hall, London, UK (07/2022 - 07/2027)

Charity Sales & Auctions

The Incubator Ball, Ickle Pickle, Plaisterers’ Hall, London, UK (03/2024)

A Letter in Mind, National Brain Appeal | Gallery Different, London, UK (10/2023)

From ArtCan with Love, ArtCan, Bermondsey Project Space, London, UK (07/2023)

Inspirational Women Artists, 'A Space' Arts, Southampton, UK (03/2023 - 04/2023)

Selected Publications and Regular Features

Panocha Zine: Issue 12 - RemixIssue 11 - MoneyIssue 10 -Yerba

Metaspace Gallery,  Minecraft Issue 1, Issue 2 - Positive Vibes Only, Issue 3 - All Great Art is Rejected Art, Issue 4 - 30 Days 30 Artists, Issue 5 - A Space for Change

Haus-a-Rest: Issue 36 - HeterotopiaIssue 37 - Alter EgosIssue 39 - What They Don’t Teach You in Art School, Issue 44 - Surfaces and Connections

Impressionography: A Moment of Movement, Fall into Autumn

[Cover Art] Issue 5, The Passionfruit Review (12/2023)

Lights Out, Cosmic Daffodil Journal (11/2023)

Issue 3, Metachrosis Literary (11/2023)

Vol 17 Issue 3, Meat for Tea: The Valley Review (10/2023)

Climate Art Collection (06/2023)

Illustra Ciencia (04/2023)

A Bunch of Apocynaceae (02/2023)

London by Urban Sketchers (07/2022)


Runner-Up (2nd place), Mascot Illustration Contest, Sanctuary Magazine (01/2024)

Honorable Mention Award, Rivers and Bridges, Upward Gallery (10/2022)

Finalist, Atmosphere, Upward Gallery (10/2022)

Finalist, Mental Health Exhibition, Doncaster Art Fair (06/2021)


BA Magna Cum Laude in Computer Science, Brown University

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