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Night at the Museum
Dragon and Phoenix 7_5
Altar Set (Shang Dynasty)
Sunrise at the Pagoda
The First Emperor 7_5
The First Emperor II
The First Emperor III
Bronze Dragon (Western Zhou Dynasty)
Bronze Dragon (Qin Dynasty)

Year of the Dragon, 2024


Often perceived as a fire-breathing creature with aggressive undertones in Western cultures, the dragon holds a distinct role as a spiritual emblem representing auspicious powers and harmony in Asia. Its imagery dates back to the Shang Dynasty(商朝, 1600 BC - 1046 BC) and Western Zhou Dynasty (西周, 1046 BC - 771 BC), and remains a core symbol of Chinese culture, being the only fictional animal in the Chinese Zodiac. It is called “Loong” (龙) in Chinese.


From bronze relics to pagodas, towers and the British Museum, the series is a fusion of reality and imagination, history and modernity, as well as Eastern and Western styles. A central figure is The First Emperor “Qin Shi Huang” (秦始皇), who unified China for the first time by conquering the other 6 countries during the Warring States Period (战国, 475 BC - 221 BC). He founded the Qin Dynasty (秦朝, 221 BC - 206BC), standardised weights, measures, currencies and the writing system, set foundations for The Great Wall, and is renowned for the Terracotta Warriors in his mausoleum. Born in the first month “Zheng Yue” (正月) of the lunar calendar, thus named “Zheng” (正), the emperor is closely associated with the dragon in both historical significance and legends.


Altar Set, Shang Dynasty

Bronze Dragon, Western Zhou Dynasty

Bronze Dragon, Qin Dynasty

The First Emperor I

The First Emperor II

The First Emperor III

Sunrise at the Pagoda

Dragon and Phoenix

Night at the Museum


Life on Earth, a series


What happens when two domestic ginger cats meet their Amazonian cousin on a TV screen?


Which Amazon do we know better, or the rainforest in South America?


We live in an urban jungle of bricks, concrete and consumerism, our cats live a carefree life in the living room, while the Northern Tiger Cats are losing their habitat primarily due to climate change.


Using art as a medium, I want to advocate for awareness: let’s care about the nature as much as our own home.

New Life.jpg

New Life

Let's imagine a sustainable future: with renewable energies and biodiversity, the earth will continue to nurture more living beings, like a sprouting seed in spring.

Eye of the Earth

Eye of the Earth

Planet Earth at the Ecological Crossroads.jpg

Planet Earth at the Ecological Crossroad

The Golden Apples

I. Space Oddity

II. Apple of My Eye

III. Through the Looking Glass

IV. Safe and Sound

Botanical Illustrations

Sitting in an English Garden, Waiting for the Sun

The four snapshots came from different times in the year, and this painting records my emotional journey through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Under lockdown, I re-discovered the winter garden at my place, a real hidden gem. It is a perfect home office, my art studio and a safe haven for an anxious mind. I had the chance to be there all day, see it rain and shine, and sparks of artistic inspiration started to emerge from the plain daily life.

The winter garden is my sanctuary during the lockdown and beyond, giving me the mindset of a lifelong artist: I learned to observe closely and appreciate the beauty around us. I strive to give ordinary moments a chance to shine through art. I cherish human connections, and am excited to share my journey with you.

Claudia Tong - Sitting in an English garden waiting for the sun.jpg
Mind's Rainbow.jpg

Mind's Rainbow

Inspired by the "rainbow diet" which includes fruit and vegetables from the whole color spectrum, this work celebrates nutrition, as well as both physical and mental health.

When a healthy and balanced diet fuels our brain, sparks of new ideas start to emerge. 

Henry IV Had a Laugh 

In Shakespeare's Henry IV Part I, there are not only betrayal, revenge, and madness, but also humor and laughter.


Combining medieval manuscript styling and modern graphic design, this work is a fond memory of mine.

Henry IV had a laugh.JPG
Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

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